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Something has never been done before? We can help.

Technology transfer, marketing and sales, customer satisfaction: we facilitate the cultural changes required to roll out innovative products. Some of our favorite past projects are listed below.

for IBM: introduced the first clinical laboratory application computers into hospitals (D)

at Lab Procedures (later sold to Upjohn): managed the 50-state roll-out of the first mail order system for complete clinical blood testing for patients of physicians (D)

at Signet Optical (later sold to American Hospital Suppy): solved market adoption problems relating to use of plastic (hard resin) lenses, paving the way for them to replace glass lenses in markets worldwide (D)

Introduced interactive educational computers (sound, computer graphics, a touch panel, and learner controlled branching) for patient and physician education (D and J)

Founded a protestant church institute to bring evangelical Christians together with cutting-edge community building and psychological services (D)

Helped corporations including customhouse brokers and freight forwarders, clinical laboratories, and systems analysts move their information online (J)

Led projects to promote dialogue between groups of feminists with disagreements (J)

Managed usability testing for new products for writing and communication, including multiple web site creation tools and FaceMail, the first e-mail product with lifelike human avatars based on biological data (J)

Co-founded Oakbridge, a youth camp whose programs innovated by balancing emphasis on physical and spiritual development (D)

Helped multi-national clients adjust HR processes for improved employee retention and reduced shrinkage (J)

Supported training of public servants in freedom of information legislation and compliance with new regulations (J)

for MIT/Whitehead: helped a bioinformatics team improve tools for biologists working on the Humane Genome Project and seeking new proteins (J)

for the Messiah Scrolls Project: designed and rolled out a web based e-book with multiple narrative levels and informational pop-ups, which saved each reader's location, handled payments, amd supported reader annotations (D and J)

for Parthenon Software: helped clients take full advantage of open source software libraries to build data-intensive systems for web and mobile platforms (J)

for Stephanie Strickland and CounterPath Press: managed the production of software that "composed" a book for the Using Electricity series, forthcoming 2019 (J)

Three generations of innovation. We are proud to follow in the footsteps of Arthur Chatelain (recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences for his team's contribution to Technicolor) and H. H. MacDavid (engineer who worked at Lockheed on the L-1011 and SR-72 among other planes) in helping innovations reach their full potential.


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